I already called the ambulance. What to do next?

/ I already called the ambulance. What to do next?

In any situation, stay near the patient to monitor changes in his condition. If possible, prepare the patient's passport and insurance policy. Follow additional guidelines as appropriate:

  • If the patient is in a public place: meet the team and take it to the patient, do not use the phone, as you can be contacted by ambulance experts to clarify the circumstances.
  • If the patient is at home: provide free access to the patient, if necessary, open the door (gate, barrier) to speed up the arrival of ambulance team.
  • If immediate assistance is required prior to the arrival of the team and you are ready to provide it: the dispatcher will switch you to a specialist who will give advice on first aid before the arrival of the ambulance team.
  • If you have pets, we recommend that you remove them to another room before the ambulance arrives. Your pet can be very nervous and inadequately accept the presence of the team.
  • If you are alone, we recommend you to call the neighbors who could meet the ambulance.